I wrote a book!

It's called Zoom Out: The Video-First Playbook for Becoming More Efficient, More Productive, and Making Remote Work for You

Watch the book trailer:

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Since starting Patchbay Media, an award-winning video production business, in 2013, I basically did nothing but client work.... until the pandemic changed everything.

As the event gigs I counted on every year were canceled and my cameras were stuck in their cases, I had time to zoom out and think about how and why I was doing the work I was doing and making the videos I was making. I started testing new video tools. I launched new services and offered new video formats. I started writing for the first time. I started connecting with strangers on Twitter and in Facebook groups.

I'm not the only one zooming out to rethink how things are done. I'm sure you've had some of these thoughts yourself:

"Do I really have to commute an hour each way to work in an office?"

"Do I really need to fly and get a hotel for this one meeting?"

"Do I really need to work from nine to five?"

The pandemic gave me an opportunity to reexamine the status quo in my business and in my life. I realized remote work and video go hand in hand, and as a professional video producer with over a decade of experience, my expertise and my voice can be useful as we experience this global shift together.

Over the past year and a half, I've spoken to entrepreneurs, events professionals, educators, doctors, speakers, and consultants to learn how they're using video-first tools to work more efficiently, deliver more engaging presentations, host more valuable events, and reimagine their pandemic-impacted businesses in amazing ways.

The businesses who will succeed in this decade will learn to use video effectively in all aspects of their business: sales and marketing, operations, customer service, and more.

This book is a "fuseful" (fun + useful) attempt to tell the stories of these video-first innovators and introduce you to the tools and strategies that will help you succeed in the next decade of work.